Meet the Instructors

Meet the Instructors!

IdahoK9 Institute Instructors are experts in Nature’s K9 Language.  Our Instructors have 30+ years experience in this language and are professional educators.  Their ability to break down intricate lessons in a fun and interesting way sets you up for learning success!


Master Instructor:  Robin Brown

Classes:  Herding, Obedience

I spent most of my growing up years on our 3rd generation family ranches.  Here my love for dogs, the land, cattle, and horses took my life to a level of Joy and Happiness I still hold dear.

The dogs were with me as I loaded up and went to 3 years of college, back to work on the ranch, a marriage of 18 years ,and 3 beautiful children; all girls. We grew together along with the dogs.

I divorced and the dogs came with me again.  They helped me heal and transformed my life.  My love for dogs inspires me to work hard to understand their language, minds, genetics, and what environment does to these special creatures. Day after day I live with my dogs and I listen to them.  I am now married to a wonderful man who understands me and the dogs. He and I work together on our ranch where dogs are involved in every aspect of our quiet lives. When the girls come home they love to be engaged with the dogs and talk about memories made with special dogs that are now gone.

Understanding the dogs’ language has allowed me to win several national stock-dog championships. Today, I travel throughout the US and Canada and hold clinics to teach handlers this language.  By focusing on instructing handlers, dogs are set up for their success and are able to achieve performance levels otherwise unattained. The dogs I work have a purpose to aid in ranch life. They move cattle from pasture to pen through their innate instinct of pressure-release and spatial authority.  I train my dogs to work as a team with their people and be productive members of the family.  I am excited to teach you how to do the same.

I have lived with and trained performance ranch dogs for over 30 years and I am blessed.

Robin Brown


Indian Valley, Idaho


Associate Instructor:  Vivian Merkley

Classes:  Obedience, SAR, Service Dogs-Mobility, Detection


Welcome to our Great School!  I am excited to be part of this mission.  I LOVE teaching!  I was blessed to be a teacher for grades 6th-12th and intro college courses.  I received my Masters in Political Science/Comparative Politics and understand what it is to be a student and an Instructor.

I started Leroy’s 2nd Phase Working Dogs Rescue 4 years ago.  This rescue gives ranchers an option for their dogs who don’t or can’t work cows.  I take these dogs in, train them, and match them to an environment that sets everyone up for success. So far, my rescue has adopted out close to 40 great dogs!  It is from this that we had the vision for IdahoK9 Institute.

A collective of my rescue dogs needed higher level training.  I invested a year of my life, moved to NC, and attended a premier K9 detection school.  This school gave me the tools I need to help my rescues reach their highest levels.  Today, Leroy’s dogs help Search and Rescue, they are partners with people who have mobility challenges, and they are kind pets!

I base all my technical training on my fluency in Nature’s K9 Language.  Instead of thinking, “Why isn’t this dog listening to me?”  We teach you to ask, “What is this dog saying to me?”

Come learn in a very positive and FUN environment.  Be prepared to work hard and laugh!  Because at the end of the day, we are hanging out with intelligent, kind, and funny animals…….. and the dogs!

Vivian Merkley


Indian Valley, Idaho


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